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Regenerate Physiotherapy has a full Clinical Pilates studio located at our practice at 1B/151 Herdsman Pde Wembley 6014. Many of our clients live in surrounding suburbs such as Floreat, Churchlands, City Beach and Innaloo.

The Pilates method entails a series of precisely performed, low impact movements on the mat and using specialised Pilates equipment.  The technique enhances core stability, posture, coordination, balanced strength and flexibility through physical and mental conditioning.

How does it work?

Pilates exercises engage the deep, supporting muscles of the body, with an emphasis on the deep abdominal's (“core stabilisers”). These muscles are activated with every exercise to support the spine and maintain good posture, while the movement-producing muscles are being stretched and strengthened.  This requires intense concentration in the early stages of learning. 

Our Instructors

All of our Pilates classes are taken by our Physiotherapists who integrate their
Pilates skills and in-depth understanding of pathology to provide the highest
quality, professional service possible.

What are the benefits?

  • Develops core stability
  • Improves posture
  • Improves muscle strength, endurance and tone
  • Increases flexibility of muscles and joints
  • Corrects muscle imbalances
  • Improves coordination and balance
  • Relieves tension
  • Heightens body awareness
  • Facilitates rehabilitation and prevention of injury
  • Improves functional fitness and ease of movement
  • Complements other methods of exercise/sporting endeavours

Initial Assessment

A 30 minute one-to-one initial Pilates session is required prior to commencing Clinical Pilates to ensure the Pilates concepts are thoroughly cemented.  A detailed and specific biomechanical assessment is performed to assist with program formulation.

One-On-One Sessions

One-on-one functional rehabilitation with a physiotherapist utilising all the unique Pilates equipment, fitballs, floor exercises, light weights, foam rollers, rotational discs, wobble boards and resistance bands. These sessions are advisable should your injury be relatively acute, you have multiple injuries to rehabilitate or your core muscle activation is particularly poor.  

The Physiotherapist who conducts your introductory session will inform you if one–to-one sessions are necessary as a precursor to Pilates studio sessions, Pilates classes or a rehabilitative gym program (sessions by appointment).
Studio Pilates

Small groups of 3 people (maximum) involving specific supervised exercises. Exercises prescribed target specific needs of the individual based on the initial assessment findings and the current condition of the participant. Technique is constantly checked and meticulously corrected by the physiotherapist to ensure maximum benefits are gained.

Equipment used includes Pilates Reformer and Trap Table, fitballs, floor exercises, light weights, foam rollers, rotational discs, wobble boards and resistance bands.

Studio Pilates is recommended for rehabilitation of spinal pain, peripheral injuries and pre or post-natal conditioning. Some participants will require a number of one-to-one sessions with the Physiotherapist prior to commencing studio sessions.
Time : Approx 50 mins. Class Size : 3 max.

Pilates Circuit Class

A class of 6-12 participants incorporating the unique Pilates equipment in a circuit-style format with a mat-based warm up and cool down.  Other equipment such as fitballs, wobble boards, rotational discs, light weights, foam rollers and resistance bands are also utilised.
Time : Approx 50 mins. Class Size : 12 max.

Pilates Mat Classes

Groups of 6-12 participants performing floor based Pilates exercises with additional lightweights, resistance bands, fitballs and foam rolls. Mat and circuit classes are generally not suitable for clients with recent or significant low back pain.
Time : Approx 50 mins. Class Size : 12 max.    

(Ask your instructor which class is most suitable for you)

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Pilates for clients in Churchlands, Wembley, Floreat, City Beach and more.

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